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  • About me:
I was in dance classes as a kid, on & off since age 3.. and used to publish Xerox-copies of my diary & collages, in the form of mini-zines as a teen. I rekindled my primal love for dance and physical self-expression, when I discovered fire dancing at age 18. I began to explore my own human nature more and, eager for travel & adventure, continuing my journey while working along the way towards the future.
  • Is it true you went to school for circus?
While living in San Francisco for 4 years, I took as many Aerial classes I could afford, at the Circus Center. During my stay in the Bay Area, I fire danced in 2 different troupes, with whom I performed at private parties, and in the Great Circle at Burning Man. To fund my mission, I became a member of the Bay Area Model's Guild where I was honored to pose for various schools & individuals throughout SF & surrounding areas. It was during that time when I realized I wanted to get into making interactive digital creations, 3D art, animations & more..
  • What is Ms. Nexus up to these days?
Currently residing in Northern CA, I'm learning everything I can about 3D art & programming skills, mainly from online tutorials, and my partner who's an experienced PC game developer.. You can see glimpses along my journey, through Facebook, Newgrounds, and beyond. Basically, Iím integrating what I know and love about self-expression, fine art & humor, with 3D & Flash games, film & animation. I'm looking forward to seeing my progress over the next 2, 5 & 10+ years.
  • Where can I see your videos for free?
Just subscribe to my YouTube channels, JenniNexusLoveTime or JenniNexusPlaysGames for hundreds of samples from ongoing current projects, gameplay etc. I also stream live game dev & Let's Play sessions on Twitch.

  • Where can I find the best Digital Art Tutorials?
If we share interest in 3D modeling, game dev, web-design, video editing, fine art or special effects, you are in luck! I'm compiling a nexus of Digital Art Tutorial Playlists to share useful information I've come across during my studies. I also collect Illustration reference & game design resources on Pinterest.
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