• About me:
As a long-time circus-inspired art model & fire dancer, I’ve spent most of my youth & adult years finding ways to express my inner creativity in various ways. In high school I started publishing Xerox-copies of my diary & collages, in the form of personal mini-zines. As a full-fledged adult, my passion and focus has evolved to digital art skills: 3D-modeling & game development in Unity, while still sharing my journey with others, & collaborating with others when possible.
  • Is it true you went to school for circus?
While living in San Francisco for 4 years, I took as many Aerial classes I could afford, at the Circus Center. During my stay in the Bay Area, I fire danced in 2 different troupes, with whom I performed at private parties, and in the Great Circle at Burning Man. To help fund my mission, I became a member of the Bay Area Model's Guild where I was honored to pose for various schools & individuals throughout SF & surrounding areas. It was during that time when I realized I wanted to get involved with making interactive digital art.
  • What is Ms. Nexus up to these days?
Currently residing 30 minutes outside Seattle, WA, I'm learning everything I can about 3D-modeling & programming skills, while “wearing many hats,” working with a small game development team. You can see current projects & stay in touch via Facebook, Newgrounds, and beyond. Basically, I’m integrating what I know and love about self-expression, fine art & humor, with my passion for gaming, streaming & other creative projects, including voice acting. I'm looking forward to continuous progression in the following years!
  • Where can I see your videos for free?
Explore my YouTube channels for hundreds of samples from ongoing projects, gameplay, crafts, fitness, etc:

  • Where can I find the best Digital Art Tutorials?
If we share interest in 3D modeling, game dev, web-design, video editing, fine art or special effects, you are in luck! I'm compiling a nexus of Digital Art Tutorial Playlists to share useful information I've come across during my personal studies. I also collect illustration reference & game design resources & DIY projects on Pinterest.
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