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Hi friends. Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website.

I grew up obsessed with cartoons and always wanted to learn how to make an animated series of my own. I persued writing and circus arts, and worked as an art model in San Francisco while practicing fire, aerial and hoop.

My current creative endeavors are focused on learning 3d art and game dev skills, primarilly using Unity, Blender, Photoshop and Inkscape.

Regular live streams on Twitch are usually 3-5x / week. Creative streams in Science and Tech, and various games. Scheduled streams are on the Calendar, and changes will be noted in Discord .

Learning 3d modeling, storytelling, and the art of making games is fascinating, and I love sharing my love for tech and creative arts with friends around the world.

- Jenni

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I grew up in the 80's and games have always been a part of my life, starting with the Atari as our 1st family console. When we got our 1st family PC, I got hooked on the Commander Keen collection. It wasn't until after a long break, and later in life that I got a PS4, Switch and Vive, and I've fallen in love with many modern games ever since.

My taste in games is diverse, but I often gravitate towards story-rich adventure games with fun gameplay and beautiful, intriguing art.

Favorites include AAA, indie games + classics: Alien Isolation, Bioshock, Ori & the Blind Forest, Half-Life, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed, Little Nightmares, Inside, Uncharted, Life is Strange, Tetris 99 & more.

Games I've streamed

I've grown accustomed to the convenience & portability of a gaming laptop the last few years, and can offer a decent quality stream using a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, AKG condenser mic, Logitech c922x web cam, Elgato capture card & stream deck. Consoles include PS4, Nintendo Switch & HTC Vive. Link below.

My Setup on Amazon

My goal is to continue learning to make interactive games & art, skill-building & sharing the journey through broadcasting online.

✖️ Twitch Partnership
✖️ Get Unity Certified
✖️ Goto TwitchCon, Unity Unite, E3, & GDC

✔️ Worked the VR demo area at PAX West Seattle 2018
✔️ Released our 1st VR game on Steam: Purgatory Fell, a psychological thriller
✔️ Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop for the studio!


I love being able to help others fix a problem, get something setup, so I compile my favorite tutorials (and make some of my own).

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