What got you into gaming?

Games have always been a part of my life, starting with the Atari as our 1st family console. When we got our 1st family PC, I got hooked on the Commander Keen collection. It wasn't until after a long break, and later in life that I got a PS4, Switch and Vive, and I've fallen in love with many modern games ever since.

What are your favorite games?

My taste is diverse, and I often gravitate towards story-rich adventure games with fun gameplay and beautiful, intriguing art. Favorites include AAA, indie games + classics such as: Alien Isolation, Bioshock, Ori & the Blind Forest, Half-Life, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed, Little Nightmares, Inside, Uncharted, Life is Strange, Tetris 99 & more. Games I've streamed (doc).

What is your stream setup like?

I've grown accustomed to the convenience & portability of using a gaming laptop over the last few years, and can usually offer decent quality streams, using an Acer Predator and/or Lenovo Legion Y520 gaming laptop, AKG condenser mic, Logitech c922x web cam, Elgato capture card & Stream Deck. Consoles include PS4, Nintendo Switch & HTC Vive. My Setup and ideas can be found on Amazon.

Goals & Achievements

x Work with more Brands, do more collabs
x Twitch Partnership eventually
x Studio upgrades Wishlist

x Build an Indie Game Studio (in progress)
x Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop (Main)
x Released Graveyard Smashers (Oct 2019) & Mom’s House (Dec 2019)
x Twitch 100k channel views
x YouTube 250k channel views
x PAX West Seattle 2019, 2018 & 2017
x Released Purgatory Fell VR on Steam 2018
x 2nd monitor, Thanks to ⌨️ Keyboard Kommander! Nov 2017
x Moved to Seattle! August 2017
x Twitch Affiliate! - April 2017
x Began streaming regularly - January 2017
x New Webcam! Logitech C922x
x Elgato Gaming Capture Card
x Broke 300 Twitch followers
x Finally a gaming laptop that could stream at 720p: the Lenovo Legion Y520 - back then it was a godsend, and it's still my other daily work computer - 2017