Game Dev


In this funny game, you play as a cat that starts fires and knocks stuff over ! Fashioned after the cat mischief genre, Cat-As-Trophy was created as a personal challenge while learning C# and Unity, while streaming on Twitch. Currently free to play on PC and in the browser.


  • Developer: Jenni Nexus
  • Publisher: Self
  • First Release: Dec 2020
  • Platform: PC, WebGL
  • Price: Free
  • Where to Play: GameJolt, and here.

Cow Defender

Cow Defender was the 1st WebGL game created by Martian Games. Jenni made the cow, and a few of the other 3d models in this game.

The goal in this game is to rescue cows from aliens and deliver them to safety, at the airport, in time!

Purgatory Fell VR


  • Developer: Martian Games
  • Publisher: Insanely Virtual
  • Released: March 2018
  • Platform: Steam VR
  • Price: $7.99
  • Fun fact: I contributed 3d art & voice acting in Purgatory Fell :-D

Mom's House

In 2019 I sought out to learn Blender 2.8 and built this house as my 1st personal challenge. We streamed its creation live on Twitch, and eventually created this playable mini-game around the holidays, hence the tree, with supporters on the ornaments :-D

Graveyard Smashers

Graveyard Smashers was created as a Halloween mini-game, and was the product of some programming and Blender lessons. Mostly assets were used in this project.

Alter Kat

Alter Kat and Jenni Styles Flash dress up games - published in 2014.

Jenni Styles

Jenni Styles was 1 of 2 Flash games Jenni made in 2014.