In this funny game you play as a cat that starts fires and knocks stuff over ! Free to play with updates on the way. :) Free to play on PC, on GameJolt or here.

Cow Defender

Cow Defender was the 1st WebGL game created by Martian Games. Jenni made the cow, and a few of the other 3d models in this game.

The goal in this game is to rescue cows from aliens and deliver them to safety, at the airport, in time!

  • Developer: Martian Games
  • Released: December 2017
  • Platform: WebGL

Play Cow Defender

Purgatory Fell

Purgatory Fell is a short story game created by Martian Games with publishers, Insanely Virtual. This was the studio's VR (and Steam) debut. Future chapters are not announced yet.

  • Released: March 2018
  • Platform: Steam VR

Mom's House

In 2019 I sought out to learn Blender 2.8 and built this house as my 1st self-assigned project. We streamed its creation live on Twitch, and eventually created this playable mini-game around the holidays, hence the tree, with supporters on the ornaments :-D

  • Released: December 2019
  • Platform: PC

Graveyard Smashers

Graveyard Smashers was created as a Halloween mini-game, and was the product of some programming and Blender lessons. Mostly assets were used in this project.

  • Developer: Jenni
  • Released: October 2019
  • Platform: PC

Alter Kat

"Alter Kat" and "Jenni Styles" dress up games were made in 2014 with Adobe Flash CS6.