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As a technical artist, I'm continually building my skills, focused on using Unity, and learning skills relevant to working in a small game studio, including 3d-modeling low-poly game art, voice acting, streaming my journey learning new softwares and vlogging about the experience.

Self-portrait with kitty

Cartoons and animations have inspired me greatly in my own artistic endeavors.

Programs I use include Photoshop, 3ds Max, Blender, Unity, Sony Vegas Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Visual Studio.

Learning more every day
3d chibi characters
3d chibis

Modeled, rigged and skinned these characters, using 3ds Max.

Purgatory Fell VR game art assets
VR expereiences

The office scene I did for Purgatory Fell.

3d camper for indie game
3d art

Low-poly 3d art for games art.

I made the cow :-D
3d title

Title scene for Cow Defender.

Vampire girl
Vampire girl

Created for a halloween animation collab.

My dream is to build a game studio with my partner, document the journey, and continue growing my skills with Unity, making it possible for greater dreams to come true.

Casio keyboard

Recreating an old school keyboard.

Character design

Kitty girl mascot created for my Twitch channel emotes and sub badges.

3d cow

The cow I modeled for Soccer Cows and Cow Defender :-D


Vector art created using a mouse.

Voice acting

I love voice acting for various projects.

3d prints
3d prints

Geometric pendant I modeled - easy to print.