Jenni Nexus

Jenni Nexus

Technical Artist, Online Broadcaster, Voice Actress


Martian Games, — Technical Artist

2011 - PRESENT

We are a small game studio / outsourcing company, and I contribute low-poly 3d art and other game assets, working primarily with Unity and Blender.

United Service Companies, PAX West Seattle — VR Demos

2018 - 2019 PAX West

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is an annual series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming. I’ve worked there the past 2 years doing VR Demos during the event.

Twitch Affiliate, — Online Broadcaster

2013 - PRESENT

On Twitch I regularly stream live game dev and 3d art using Unity and Blender. I also play a wide range of games on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and HTC Vive. I especially love featuring games by indies, and helping with exposure.

Art Model, Bay Area Model’s Guild — Live Model

2006 - 2011

While living in San Francisco, I was regularly hired through BAMG, as a live model at various schools and studios, including

  • Expression College in Emeryville ( Reference, teacher Bill Roth: )
  • Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville
  • Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco
  • Lucas Film LTD
  • San Francisco Community College & State University


Indie Games — Various Games Online

Personal projects:

Martian Games: Purgatory Fell, Cow Defender, and a bunch of game jam games :)

Voice Acting — Games, Animations, Narration

Voice acting:

Collaborations: Creator Crate (trailer), Launch, Red-Head Deception, Robo-Granny (Demo), Interstellar Bandit, Chronicle Unit Eight (not out yet)


Ventura College, Ventura, CA

2001 - 2003

General studies and Art.

Circus Center, San Francisco

2006 - 2011

I moved to SF specifically to pursue aerial arts, where I learned rope, lyra and silks, and performed live fire dancing shows with a troupe.


Remote / Seattle, WA


  • 3D game art, UI, graphic design
  • C# and Unity 3d
  • Website design, publishing
  • Online Broadcasting
  • Voice overs, and narration
  • Video editing, animated intros, transitions
  • Graphic design for social medias and channel art


  • 3d: Blender, 3ds Max, Substance Painter
  • Game dev: Unity 3d, Visual Studio
  • Websites: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, JS
  • 2d art: Photoshop, Inkscape
  • Video editing: Davinci Resolve, After Effects Sony Vegas Pro
  • Broadcasting: Twitch, Youtube, Discord, OBS, Slobs, Xsplit, Elgato


English, some Spanish



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